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Ā Public Safety Career Fair hosted by South Bay Regional Public Safety Training ConsortiumĀ 

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Useful Resources Guide

Use this guide to go to websites that have practice material, handouts, and quizzes that will give you practice on the five areas of the PELLET-B: grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and cloze.

Click the picture to download a three page guide that will give you, in addition to the resources above, tips and tricks on how to handle the grammar on the test and sample spelling and vocabulary words.

Learn Together

Sign up for face-2-face workshops and live webinars to work with other candidates, form study groups, and get extra materials including take home exams.

Additional Materials

Grammar Practice

Try your hand at grammar  on this practice test.

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Cloze Pracice

Hone your skills by practicing a simulate PELLET-B cloze test.

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Reading Tips

Find about about what to be aware of on the reading portion of the test.

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